The gallery’s programme consists of exhibitions, performances, and other events acknowledging and promoting contemporary visual art practices. The gallery/exhibition space is intended for young unrecognized artists, as well as the already recognized ones whose practices and operational approaches help form the field of interdisciplinary visual practices at the beginning of the 21st century. Our mission is to encourage those projects connected to the correlation among technology, science and art.

Regarding the technological demands/requirements and financial limitations of the authors we are willing to enter into production and co-production relations.

The gallery’s exhibition programme has been, since 2013, focusing on an annual implementation of six exhibitions of the current new-media production by domestic and/or international authors.



An important aspect of our curatorial interest is encouragement/stimulation of production and operativeness of the artists who develop their projects within the frame/field of contemporary artistic practices.

With their production the authors that we already co-operate with do not only represent their works and affinity, but lay foundation to the basic orientation and philosophy of the Nove galerije DDT in the field of visual practices.